Obsessed by Travesera (eng)

13.6.2015 Travesera Integral Picos de Europa, 74km, D+ 6700m, time 14:26, 16th place

There is a statement in Spain, saying: Zegama es Zegama, to point out the exclusivity of the Zegama’s atmosphere. Spanish runners also say: There are mountain races – and then there is Travesera.

Travesera Integral Picos de Europa starts at the very cradle of Spain. At the valley of Covadonga, where at 722 AD the Pelayo defeated the Arabs and started the Reconquista. At midnight on 12th June a completely different battle started for 310 “lucky” runners at the same place: the fight against their comfortness, discomfort, laziness, fear, mountains, weather, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, mud, snow, rubble, desire to retire… This year I was one of those lucky ones to run this celebration of mountain running and Asturians’ love to Picos de Europa.

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